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Resus Bay

A resuscitation bay, or "resus bay," is a special room in the emergency department for the sickest patients and the most time-sensitive interventions. From traumas to medical mysteries, any type of patient can be cared for in the resus bay.

Online, the Resus Bay is a hub for emergency medicine clinical images and boards review, designed from the ground up to be high-yield.

Tons of Features

  • Create and take practice tests
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  • Interact with a community of emergency medicine experts


The Resus Bay is built and maintained by members of the emergency medicine community. If you're a doctor, nurse, technician, EMT, paramedic, respiratory therapist, or other emergency professional, please join us!

All of our images and questions are licensed under the Creative Commons CC BY-SA license, so you're free to use them for almost any purpose.

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